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Friends of the Gatineau River / Ami(e)s de la rivière Gatineau


The Friends of the Gatineau River (FOG) is a nonprofit, volunteer-based organization working with community partners to conserve, protect and improve the environmental quality of the Gatineau River watershed for the benefit of current and future generations.

FOG conducts water quality tests of the Gatineau River as a public service with support from the municipalities of La Pêche, Cantley and Chelsea and clubs and associations that use the river for recreational purposes.

Join us! For $15, you get a lifetime membership and support the work we do on the river.


Annual General Meeting 2016

Monday, November 28, 2016
Farm Point Community Centre, Chelsea

The focus of this year’s Annual General Meeting is to engage with new volunteers and secure new board members!  Come on out and let us know your wishes for the river and how you can play a role in securing its long-term health!


Taking stock: What do FOG members want for the organization? What should we strive towards? (15 min)

Where are we now?: What do we love about the river and how is it doing? What is the health or state of those values? Are there values that are not well or under threat? How do we know how they are doing? (30 min)

Call to action: What can we do to improve or maintain what we love about the river? (30 min)

Putting up your hand: Who wants to, is able and committed to volunteer on the above? We are looking for new volunteers and board members to help mopver the organization forward(15 min)

Board elections (10 min)

Wakefield Waterfront Project: Meredith Brown, Ottawa Riverkeeper

The Wakefield – La Peche Chamber has struck a steering committee to oversee the revitalization of the shoreline in Wakefield Bay. The project is funded by Canada 150 (EDC) and the Municipality of La Peche. Wakefield resident and Riverkeeper for Ottawa Riverkeeper is sitting on the steering committee and will provide an overview of the project.

Conclusion and next steps (5 min)

Tea, coffee and snacks will be served.

See you there!

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